Thursday, July 26, 2012

Latest migration update (Masai Mara)

After my last post on the migration in the Mara a few days ago, the movement of the herds has been going on progressively. The herds from the south have taken two headways, with one herd heading west of Roan Hill towards the Mara river and the other herd heading due North of Keekorok lodge. The west bound herds by toady are approaching Look out hill with all indication that we may witness the first crossing in the next two days.
The anticipated slow movement across the plains due to a lot of grass, has been overtaken by reality, since the herds are advancing as usual.
The Northern migration has not made much progress. The herds of mainly zebras are still between the conservancies and the reserve, with the lead herds around Topi plains and Musiara.
I will keep updating on the migration progress as things happen on the ground

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Michael said...

Keep us posted Paul, this will enable us advice our clients best especially those looking for last minute booking to witness the Migration