Monday, July 30, 2012

Migration news from Masai Mara

For the past two days there have been a lot of activities at the Mara river by Look out hill where the wildebeest have been crossing over to the triangle. However, there has been a change in direction of movement of the herds. The main herd wildebeest has now headed North and North East of Lookout hill. The lower Burrungat and central plains were teeming with herds of the migrating animals today with mini crossings at Olkeju-Rongai stream that was witnessed for hours!
Gin by the pace seen today, the herds may reach the Talek river by tomorrow to cross over North to Rhino ridge.
The Ridge pride has now moved to Olkeju-Rongai, an area still new to them, but could not resist pushing into this place to welcome the wildebeests. They killed 3 yesterday in one place and this morning killed one. It is now the season of plenty again for the Mara predators, who over the last few months have had to live on anything that came by. This is what led the Notch boys to engage in hunting Hippos.
I will keep updating on the migration from the ground


Gowri Saligram said...

Wonderfully informative blog here. Will be a regular visitor from now on.

Keep up the great work!

Imran Majid said...

Hi Paul
i am planning to visit between sept 8 to 11. is that a good time? will i be able to see the migration or have i mmissed it?

kelly said...

Thanks for the updates Paul, love to see any Migration news.