Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wildebeests on outbound trek

After a few months of great sighting of the great migration of wildebeest, recent activities indicate that the wildebeests are now on their outbound trek. There have been active crossing at the Mara river by paradise crossing with many animals crossing over to the Mara triangle then onward into Northern Serengeti. Their departure this time is normal, though we have previously had some years when they have overstayed until December.

There are still some herds within the Mara, but all in a general southbound movement. It is a bit dry in the park now and this may be what has triggered the exodus. There has however been weather forecast reports indicating that there is likely to be heavy rains starting anytime now. Otherwise there is still plenty to see in the Mara. The big cats are seen regularly in their territories, most with cubs at the moment. There are also many other animals with young, Topi, Warthog, Thomson gazelle etc.

 Map of the Mara showing the migration status
 Zebras rushing down to the river to cross at cul de sac

 Cheetah mum and cub on the look out

 One of my favourite male lions this season

 We had great sunsrise/sunset the past 2 months

 A female cheetah near Look out hill gets a hug from cub

 There were great photographic conditions

 A young male lion at Lewa downs

 A leopard at night near our camp in Lewa

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