Sunday, September 2, 2012

Masai Mara- migration update

I am happy to report that the highlight of the migration is still on in the Mara. The central and northern part of the reserve is still a beehive of migration activities. Most of the migrating herds have been crossing from the  eastern side of the Mara river into the Mara triangle and are now spread out over paradise plains and chemorta area. There are also still many more beyond the borders of the reserve currently on the neighbouring conservancies. Over the past one week we have witnessed heavy river crossings at several points, with crocodiles seizing the moment and going for kills.
There is a high concentration of wildebeests around Rhino ridge and paradise plain and south near Look out hill and generally along the river. One of the reasons why the animals have settled in this area is the amount of grass they found when they arrived. The place was not subjected to burning as it is sometimes; this has left a lot of grass available for the numerous herbivores. The amount of grass available for the animals may slow their movement and make them settle more in particular areas than move around.
Together with the above sightings, we have also been witnessing a lot of predator action, lions, leopards and cheetah going mainly for wildebeests. A part from predation, its been nice seeing leopard, cheetah and lion cubs too.
Map of the Mara showing the current location of the herds

 A crossing at cul de sac

 Its not only been a migration of wildebeests!

 The scavengers have been flocking to carcasses, and sometimes fight over

 I spent almost an hour one time watching these male giraffes fight on Paradise plains

 I had a rare sighting of these two Serval cat cubs south of Rhino Ridge

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Great pictures on the happenings of The Masai Mara by an equally exceptional photographer... Kudos Paul #KOT