Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Migration 2013 update

All indication that the annual migration of wildebeests from Serengeti National park in Tanzania into Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya, now shows that it is starting in earnest. The first few wildebeests have crossed the border into Masai Mara south east of Lookout hill. By last week, according to my sources, the herds in Tanzania had taken a two pronged heading, with one herds heading into Grumeti (upper western corridor) and another herd heading towards Kogatende area. These would be the herds we are now seeing crossing over into the Mara.

Meanwhile in the Mara, the Loita herds have started heading into the park. These herds can now be seen on the conservancies to the East and North East of the Reserve. Currently there is a high concentration around Musiara gate and the plains towards Rhino Ridge and south East towards Talek gate. There are also a lot of zebras concentrated at the balloon landing site on the Mara Triangle. We expect as the main herds progress in movement from the south, the Loita herds will play a role in filling the gap as they move into the reserve.These are usually the first ones to cross the river at paradise crossing point west onto the Triangle.

The herds from the south were expected to delay due to the amount of grass in their way, but looks like they have marched faster. I will keep updating on progress.


Africa Inside said...

Thanks for the update. As you know, but many of my clients do not, seeing the wildebeest crossing is a hit and miss thing. I wrote about it in case anyone is interested because if seeing the migration is on your bucket list, you need to understand some things about it first. http://africainside.org

Alf Jacob Nilsen said...

I am on my way to Kenya and Mara, where i shall be staying for two pariods at Mara Bush Camp. From 17. -22. july and then again 31. july to 5th august. Exciting to hear that the wildebeest are expected to arrive early, which opens up th epossibilities for seeing several crosings.
Alf J. Nilsen