Saturday, August 17, 2013

Migration 2013 update 2

The migration took a dramatic change at the end of the past week. All the excitement at the crossing died out when most of the herds from the eastern side of the Mara River crossed west. Once on the Mara triangle (The western side of the park) most herds headed south into northern Serengeti. This was a quick exit, since they were expected to stay in the Mara till November as is always the case. Our observation shows that the change in the rain pattern played a role in this change of events. Driving along the border shows that the herds have settled on the northern side of Serengeti. 

Most of the central Mara is now almost empty except for some isolated herds to the north around between Rhino ridge and Topi plain and to the south just below look out hill. All is not lost because the movement of the herds inside Serengeti shows they are bound for the Mara again.
From experience, as was the case in 1998, 2005 and 2009, when wildebeests disappeared only to return shortly, the herds will be on their way into the Mara again. However the change in the rain patterns and the prolonged dry spell in the Mara is believed to be the cause of the changes in the concentration and duration of stay in the Mara. There is however plenty to see  even when the wildebeests are gone. the lions are being seen daily and so are cheetahs.
Map of the Mara showing the location of the wildebeests currently

 Wildebeests migrate south into Northern Serengeti


Mara Fan said...

hi paul,
thank you for your very interesting updates
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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul! I always check your blog for updates/ My husband and I will be going to the Mara early October and your blog guides us as to where the migration is.