Thursday, July 23, 2015

Migration update 2

The concentration of wildebeests in the Mara has gone up even more since last week. The Loita herds have almost tripled up in number, and the Serengeti herds have doubled and are now beyond the main Keekorok/Mara bridge road. The zebras are still leading the way as usual and some have already got to lookout hill and started crossing west int the Mara triangle. The long grass in their way is still keeping them from moving fast across the plains.
Although generally cooler, its starting to get dry and this has caused a higher concentration in northern Serengeti as the southern herds keep pushing north. The western front of the migration is also said to be north bound around fort Goma, north of Grumeti. Should they keep the same pace as the eastern front, they will put more pressure not eh herds already in the Mara and northern Serengeti. However the concentration in southern Mara is already breath taking.

The Loita herds, besides increasing in number, has also pushed westwards across Olorukoti and now heading to paradise plains to the Mara river. This has mainly consisted of zebras who were also the first to get this area as they lead the rest of the migratory herds. These crossing however, were not as dramatic because there is not much water in the river, but the crocodiles gave some life to the scenario as they try to grab one of the zebras swimming across in the shallow water.

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