Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wildebeests river crossings on in Masai Mara

The wildebeest have made another dramatic come back. Over the last two week, the concentration in the south of the reserve swelled to an enormous number. Most of the herds as per my previous update have made a complete cycle in the past two weeks. They moved from the eastern part of the river, crossed west onto the Mara Triangle, then south into northern Serengeti and east from there before re-entering the Mara around the Sand River gate exactly as they did in July when they first came. In fact everything now is just like at the beginning. There is a higher concentration on Burrungat, central and Meta plains. The westward bound herds have spread out on the central plains again and some herds have started crossing the Mara River near look out hill. For the past three days, we have witnessed many animals crossing around here. The animals are crossing over into the Mara triangle just as before and others heading north with the first ones now around Rhino ridge. The western concentration is around Serena lodge and south to the border of Serengeti.  The unseasoned rains we had last week have played a crucial role in the sprouting of the grass. The crossing points in the north around paradise plains have been teeming with activities, with most animals crossing back and forth. The water in the river is not as high now, hence not as very difficult crossing by the animals. We are glad it is happening all over again.

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