Friday, August 28, 2015

Injured leopard go for easy kills at wildebeests crossings

For the last 4 days, Shujaa, Siri's male offspring has been going for easy kills at the river crossings, where thousands of wildebeests have been crossing from the Mara Triangle going east. Shoji was once (2 weeks ago) seen fighting over a kill with a crocodile near the sam place he is now. We had assumed that he sustained injuries from croc bite then, but on closer looks at some shots we have taken of him it shows more of claw marks than croc bite. This has made us believe that after venturing out of his mothers home range, he may have been involved in a territorial fight with another male. He has been hanging around Paradise crossing point for the last few days, and when the wildebeests started crossing the river at the sam place, it turned out a blessing. For the guests on the eastern side of the Mara, his hunting has provided the best photo opportunity, as you can clearly see the action across the river without interrupting.
We hope that plenty of food around, this will give him a healing opportunity.
Photo credits: Silas Siele and some by Roger Hooper

Wildebeests cross the river at Paradise crossing point

More crossings

Highlight of the migration

more beests action

Shujaa's injury on rear left leg. He walks around with a limp

Getting in position to strike

And here he got himself a meal despite injuries





Here he drags kill away

A pause before dragging the kill to hide

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