Thursday, September 17, 2015

The wildebeests slowly heading south

Over the last few days, the wildebeests seems to be in a general southward heading. All the crossings we witnessed last week was of animals crossing the rivers, Talek, Olare-orok and Mara were of animals in motion heading south. The light rain we experienced int eh Mara and north Serengeti may have traceried this movement. Having, having just come from central Serengeti, i found it still dry, therefore the wildebeests might just make one more circle then back into the Mara before making final exit towards mid or end of next month

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Peter Philip said...

Yes, a few left behind but they too will soon be gone. Still a good chance to get a great glimpse of them. And now with the shorter glass after the 'mowers', cats can be seen with much ease, and less traffic too.

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