Monday, October 12, 2015

Migration October update

The migration took a dramatic change at the end of the past week. All the excitement at the crossing died out when almost all the herds from the eastern side of the Mara River crossed west and some crossed the Talek south. Once on the Mara triangle (The western side of the park) most herds headed south into northern Serengeti to settle on Lemai wedge. This maybe bit early, since they were expected to stay in the Mara till November as is always the case. Our observation shows that the the absence of rain in the region has played a role in this change of events. Driving along the border shows there is a high concentration on the Serengeti side on recently burnt plains, but there is no grass yet. As soon as the short rains comes , these plains flourish with lush nutritious grass thereby attracting many herbivores including the migrating herds.
Most of the central Mara is now almost empty with a few herds around Rhino Ridge and to the south by look out hill. However, there are still big numbers not ehMara triangle where most have settled, since there is still plenty of grass. All is not lost because the movement of the herds inside Serengeti shows they might come back if it does not rain soon in the south. We might witness a second migration in just a short season. From experience, as was the case in 1998 and 2005, when they made a come back, the herds may make their way into the Mara again before finally exiting as they head to the southern short grass pains of Serengeti/Ndutu. 

A line of wildebeests snakes its way across the Mara on their way to Serengeti

The herds going past Turner's hill not eh lower Mara triangle

Herds on Lemia wedge in Northern Serengeti

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