Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bahati has new cubs!

To all Masai Mara Big Cats fans, Bahati, the female leopard of the lower Talek river, she is also the daughter of Olive (who featured in the BBC's Big Cats program) born in late 2010, now has new cubs. The cubs were seen the last couple of days at a rocky outcrop in the middle of the river between Mara Intrepids and Rekero camps. She chose the location cleverly since it is inaccessible by vehicle and unless some lions strays into the area, we can say it is relatively safe for her and the little cubs. Interestingly this is the same location where Olive, her mother had the cubs Saba and Nane. There are bushes on each side of the river in this location, and that provides her enough cover to hide or hunt. 
The cubs are believed to be about 4-6 weeks and we are yet to tell their sexes. we are viewing them from the bank which is bit far to positively get all the details.
There is still some game around, to provide Bahati with food as she raises her cubs. Sammy, a guide at Entim camp managed to get one shot of the mum and cubs, and here i post the same with permission.

Bahati playing with her new cubs

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