Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Witnessing wildebeests calving in Serengeti

I had an opportunity last week while guiding a group from Natural Habitat Adventures in Serengeti, to witness the first wildebeests calving in Ndutu area. I had a report that 2 calves had been seen the previous day in the just before we moved in from the north. On our first day we saw a calve just born. Over the next few days we saw a lot more as more an more females gave birth. what was interesting this time is that most females had their young in the woodlands as opposed to the plains where they can see the predators. there were many wildebeest in the woodlands when we arrived, but over a period of 3 days days most of the herds headed west  to the plains between Ndutu and Kusini. Here we saw the biggest herds of wildebeests, as the plains were transformed into a sea of wildebeests. it was the biggest concentration i have seen recently. We had an opportunity to go for a balloon ride from where we had a bird's eye view of the herds on the plains. It was simply amazing. I am headed back again with another group in few days. I am sure there will be hundreds of young wildebeests by the time we get there, and hope to see more birth.

Having a bird's eye view of the herds 

The herds in Ndutu area

The herds on the plains west of Ndutu.

Many calves born last week

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