Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Malaika now leaves cubs on their own

Malaika the Mara cheetah, known for her habits of jumping on vehicles had now left her fully grown cubs. She left them yesterday near Double crossing area, when a suitor came around and left the area with her. They have been mating not to far from the salt lick area since yesterday morning. The male that has courted her seems young and i could not identify him. today, they were still in the same area. I found the cubs yesterday evening but the salt lick. They are still trying to call to mum, but she was a bit far and also occupied with the male.
the cubs are now big enough to fend for themselves. It is very interesting, this is the same place where Honey parted ways with her cubs years ago! I will keep watching and update on any development

One of the cubs yesterday evening

Another cubs at sunset yesterday 

The 2 cubs after being left on their own

The unidentified male courting Malaika


Malaika and the male this evening

This is the male courting Malaika


Arthur Brunner said...

thx, for the update. nice to see the cubs has grown adult!

Shweta S said...

Do you have any updates on Malaika and her cubs? Last I heard she was seen around Mara and about to deliver a new litter. I wonder where her Bawa and his sister went. Would they still live in the surrounding area? Any idea where Malaika, her cubs were last seen?

Paul Kirui said...

Shweta, Yes Malaika now has new litter in a secret location in the Mara. She has not brought out the cubs because they are still small. Two days ago she hunted and killed a gazelle in the location where her cubs are hidden. I will keep you updated