Friday, December 29, 2017

Migration update December 2017

Over the last one week, i have been following the wildebeests in Serengeti on my safari.
At the moment there are still some herds coming from the north, streaming across Namiri plains, (Serengeti East) and some are still in small pockets around Seronera in the central part. However, the majority are around Naabi gate west to Hidden valley, some were at Olpaaye north for river Simiyu about 3 days ago.
However, major herds are now coming out of the woodlands of Maswa game reserve into Kusini plains and somehow taking south easterly direction. I am headed back again in few days and will update.
Zebras on the dry plains of Namiri

Zebras come to drink at waterhole on Namiri plains

Many lions in South Serengeti now having cubs in time for the season of plenty

Herds head south from Namiri plains

Beasts on the move

Zebra take time to rest and watch each others back while resting from the migration

Herds seen 2 days ago south of Moru

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