Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Big Cats This Week

Herds of wildebeests moving towards the river. These currently forms bulk of prey for our cats
Binti killing an Impala fawn

Alama's 3 cubs

Olive watching her cubs drinking in the Talek river
Some of the Marsh pride females and cubs at Bila shaka

We had a great week now ending, in terms of big cats sightings.
Topping the list of the big cats which we saw over the week, was Olive, the female leopard with her two cubs on the Talek yesterday morning. She had disappeared briefly but emerged again on Friday with her cubs in good shape. The two cubs whose sexes we have not yet established are in good health and have given us over the past two days, great sightings playing on the sand in the Talek just before where Olare-Orok joints it. This particular area is cover by a thick bush which gives her and the cubs a good hiding cover. Today she moved the cubs in the morning further upstream towards Mara Intrepids camp and settle in the small forest on the south side of the river.

Binti is still in her mother’s territory and was seen a few times over the past week. I saw her kill a young Impala on 7/9/09 in the morning. I had been following an Impala with a young one who were running along the edge of the bushes in the area where I had heard earlier that Binti was seen. While concentrating on the Impala, I did not know that she had seen them, she came out of the bush and chased the two and managed to catch up with the fawn and killed it 30 feet from my vehicle. The action was too fast for me to take any picture of the chase.

At the Helicopter crossing on 9/9/09 Kali was held hostage in a tree the whole day when lions who chased him up there killed a zebra nearby therefore just settling near the same tree. The poor boy stayed there until night fall. When I visited the area, the next morning he was down. He may have come down early in the morning when the lions moved just a little away.

There is a female cheetah named Alama by the guides, due to a prominent black spot on her left cheek, has 3 small cubs (roughly 2- 2.5 months old). This is the female that lost her cubs earlier in the year when buffalos killed them. she can be found east of Olkiombo area.
Shakira is still in the southern part of the reserve, near lookout hill. Still doing very well with her cubs. It is great watching her with her daughters hunting.

We saw all the lions prides in our game viewing zone over the week. The marsh pride is still at Bila shaka and has been having great time hunting now that there is a concentration of wildebeest it the area. The paradise pride with a number of females having small cubs is now near the main wildebeests crossing.
There was a big drama on the morning of the 7/9/09 when notch and one of his sons fought and chased off one of the Olkiombo pride males near Rekero camp.

More to come from the Mara


acinonyx said...

Absolutely Great !!!

BigCatFanz said...

Hi paul!
Thanks for the lovely update about so many of the big cats we have come to know!
Thanks for posting the pictures and keeping us informed, its very much appreciated. I will continue to follow you blog, as I have done for some time, along with Jacksons too.
Take care!

chuishah said...

Great update Paul!! Love hearing about all the cats especially the leopards. Thanks.

Paul Kirui said...

I am glad you all like the news from the bush. i will try to make it regular and share with you as soon as things happen. Cheers to all


Hi Paul,

very nice pictures - the favorite one is the wildbeest in line - we have tried that, but we had not such opportunity - Excellent photography, congratulations!

Good to know also about Kali. We could not see him either, actually Jackson Looseyia had not seen him for months. We have heard also of a male leopard death 2 days ago, despite you said Kali had been harassed by lions, we hope it was not about him...

Cassio & Alessandra.

chuishah said...

Paul, both my dad and I loved the wilderbeest photo in particluar! I went to show him and he'd already emailed you about it. :)