Monday, July 12, 2010

Wildebeests migration new status

Map of the Mara indicating the current location of the wildebeests

Wildebeest at Sunrise
Wildebeests on the horizon at sunset in the Mara
There were great photographic opportunities at sunsets/sunrise

The wildebeest migration has changed a lot. Most of the wildebeest are now on the Mara triangle and some to the north east around Musiara marsh. The Loita migration herds, consisting mainly of zebras arrived at Musiara area two weeks ago. They stayed in that area but for the past one week have been heading south west to paradise crossing point at the Mara river to cross over to the Mara triangle. Once across, these herds have been heading further on towards Enkoikwaatet salt lick. This is where the highest concentration of herds is at the moment.

Over the past two weeks, the sunsets/sunrises have been providing great photographic opportunities. We also had great predator sightings with Olve the leopard taking the opportunity to bring down a couple of young calves. The crocodiles have also been active at crossings.


Kristina Trowbridge said...

Thanks Paul for your regular updates and great pictures. I so wish that I could be there.

Lake Chala, Moshi, Tanzania said...

Wonderful, but for how much longer? Kenya also needs to put pressure on the Tanzania Governement, before the migration is stopped in it's tracks by the Serengeti Highway

Chantal said...

Dear Paul,
It great to read all about the migration. Your story and pictures make it come alive. We are coming the end of August, do you think we will still see the crossing?
We will keep our fingers crossed. Thanks for the updates and we hope you can give us a reaction.
Kind regards,