Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One unlucky Zebra

On 17th July, while waiting for the wildebeets to cross the Mara river at paradise crossing point, i saw one lioness that emerged from teh bushes along the river to wait for the crossing animals.
she positioned herself well in teh tall grass at the exit of teh crossing. a few zebras and wildebeest crrrossed and she tried to cath one but missed. the remaining animals swam back. after a few minutes, one adult female zebra got inot teh water with her calf to cross gteh river, which she did well.
however, as the zebra and the foal came out of the water, the lioness, whi had been observing their movement stalked, chased and got up with the foal, and was one more live to be extinguised from the Africa plains.
The lion pounced on this less suspecting zebra who was in he company  of the mother

closing in

The foal tripped on a log and the lions got advantage

Finaly got it. Poor zebra


Mama Matunda said...

Wow, news design on blog Paul.
Thanks for the update and the phantastic photos.
Best regards from Germany Dani

pete said...

And you say “once more life to be extinguised from the Africa plains” and then you say “ poor Zebra” and I say great pictures and summary of predator/pray movements and it was a good day not only for the lion but also for the rest of the savannah ecology: to the lioness if she could hear and understand my words I would say to her well done!

Peter Charles De Caro

Anonymous said...

i rather have the foal be the lioness's meal than the adult zebra because the adult can always breed to have another baby. good luck to her next time.

it was a good day for the lioness and i was glad in a way because this lioness was alone and hungry. as they say, all prey animals like zebras is to bend down for a meal. while a lioness has to be strong, fast, skillful enough to EARN her kill! and if she is lucky enough to have no other predators to steal her hard earned kill like another male lion or a clan of hyneas, then she can fill her belly full of good meat. if not, she can starve slowly to death, which happen quite often to big cats especially the old, the injured and the ousted

Paul Kirui said...

Hi Mama Matunda, Pete, Anonymous;
Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

My sister and I were there to witness this event, I even captured it on film. As sad as it was to see this is nature at its best. I think our guide said the lioness had cubs and of course baby animals are most susceptible to predation and it all contribules to ecology. An amazing first safari and certainly not our last.

ad said...

Awesome pictures and updates paul!