Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wildbeests migration latest report

Heavy crossings are expected in the Mara the this week due to the latest development in the herds movement. Many of the wildebeests and zebras that crossed the river earlier at paradise and lookout area are now concentrated on the Mara triangle. However, the concentration is currently on the lower side from Maji ya Ndege all the way to Ngiro-Are rangers post, salt lick and Oloololo escarpment. This area is now all wildebeests!
There are currently 3 distinct concentrations of the migrating animals. The highest concentration is on the lower Mara triangle, the second highest is now pushing north through Sand river onto the central plains with most crossing over to the triangle near the south bridge. The third concentration is around Topi plains and Musiara marsh. With these concentrations, we expect a lot of activities at the river these two weeks.
The crossing points at Lookout hill have been so busy the past couple of days, with many animals crossing from east to west. The herds to the north are not so mobile; they have been around here for some times, though occasionally a few have been trickling to the river and crossing over west. If anyone is headed to the Mara, expect to see a crossing over the next two weeks at least. Otherwise the herds on the triangle will start crossing back east once they exhaust the grass there. But this may not be in the next month and a half.

Map of the Mara showing the latest migration status

Herds spread out on the grassland
Wildebeests running to the river to cross
Wildebeests crossing the river late afternoon
wildebeests drinking at a water hole.
One of Notch's sons currently with the Ridge pride
Olive with a young wildebeest she killed at the death crossing on teh Talke river

Nkaiyoni, one of the two young male cubs of Olive, currently 13 months old.


Kristina Trowbridge said...

I wish I could be there now!!! How I wish!!!

Mama Matunda said...

Paul this ist wounderful this update.... thanks.
Kwa heri from Dani

Leah Kenya Safari said...

Thanks Paul for the updates!

Laleena Naidoo said...

Hi Paul

Thanks so much for all the updates and lovely pics. Are they still crossing?

Take care. Chebaibai

Sergi said...

Hi Paul,
I'm comming next week to Mara, are crossing expected?
Thanks a lot for updated info.
Kind regards from Barcelona

Paul Kirui said...

Hi Sergi,
Perfect timing, you will still see teh crossings. Which camp are you staying in?

Sergi said...

Hi Paul,

We will stay at Riverside Camp, close the Talek Gate, arriving 11th.
Hope to take wonderful pictures.
Kind regards.

SK said...

Hi Paul. Great updates. thank you How often do you post them! i am in mara for my honeymoon on the 25th sept near koiyaki. whats the best place for veiwing migration then and what is koiyaki area like for game?

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Love the pictures. I am planning to book a safari that will stay near Ololaimutiek gate on the eastern side on Oct 20th - and also thinking of splurging on a balloon safari. Do you think the wildbeest will be on the eastern side by then, or should I find a camp eleswhere? Thank you!

Bestway Tours & Safaris said...

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