Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wildebeest latest report

The wildebeest have started to return to Masai Mara after going back into northern serenegti briefly a week and a half ago due to the rains that came across teh region. However, the rains didn't last long and it is now hot again. for the last two days, i have been driving round thenorthern part of serengeti between wakokuria an dlobo area. the herds as confirmed yesterday and today have been crossing the sand river inot Masai Mara. many animals have crossed inot the Mara and are now between Keekorok and Roan hill. some animals though could be seen headin to the southern Mara bridge and these are predicted to cross the Mara river int eh next 2 days. teh herds seen between bologonja and sand river are the leading animals and part6 of the first group. the second group is now just after Grumeti. these are expected to join the rest of the herds in the Mara later int eh coming months. i will keep updating.
for those heading to the Mara, tey are expected to start crossing over the coming week near lookout hill.


Val Gall said...

Thanks for update Paul. Looking forward to visit from 13/07. Will be in Mara from 21/07 for week at Serena.
Best wishes

Val Gall

AB Apana said...

Thanks for these updates. Am in the Mara from 13/07 at Keekorok

Safari Maiden said...

How are things going in the Mara at the moment Paul?

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Planning to go to the Mara this weekend (27/08) or next week (31/08). Any chance of seeing anything of the migration?

Thank you!