Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Marsh pride- JOY'S story (June 2011)

Joy’s story (June 2011)

While so much has been happening lately with the Marsh pride, there is one individual that stands out as my favourite. That is Joy.
When she had her now sub adult sons in early 2009, she separated herself from the rest of the pride since she was the only with cubs at that time. The main reason was to feed her cubs away from the rest of the pride where competition may not have allowed them to eat enough.
She would always be found on the fringes of the prides home range. As some other cubs were born in her absence, they grew up not seeing her with the rest of the pride, and this was why when she tried coming back in June this year with her now 7 month old cubs, they could not accept her. Her only link to the pride were the 2 males Romeo and clawed (at least one must be the father of the cubs)
I observed her trying to bring her cubs into the pride but none of the other members, except the males would  allow her. I saw her fight a lot with them especially when there was a kill. What was interesting to observe when all this was happening, was that her sub adult male cubs would always come to her aid whenever she had a confrontation with any other pride. The boys have also been assisting her in hunts lately. Towards the end of last month, the boys had left her, obviously to start nomadic life. I saw them once fighting fiercely with hyaenas that wanted to take their kill.
Whne the new males came in to the marsh recently, she has managed to keep her cubs safe. She has now moved further away from the new males and the rest of the pride. Though her cubs may be safe for now, they are still in danger if she encounters any other males outside the marsh territory. she was seen today near double crossing area and that is not far from where notch and gang have been roaming. there are also some nomadic males that transits through the area.
She has also adopted another much younger cubs from another female from the marsh, sienna. She had lost the cub 2 days ago when she moved to her new location, but the rangers yesterday found the cub alone and took it to her and are now united.
NB: the 4 new males are still at eth marsh. While the other 3 are still with Bibi, Scar face this morning was seen with one of white eye’s daughters, with white eye nearby. Clawed and Romeo and the lone female are still on the rocky area of the Ridge, looking a bit better after the rangers fed them 2 days ago.
One of the younsters from the main pride approaches Joy to feed on a wildebeest she killed

Joy runs to fight off the unwanted visitor. she ignored the youngsters' submissive behaviour:

Joy's sub adult son rushes in to mum's rescue and badly fought the intruder

The intruder got a real beating from the two

With the help of her son, they saw the intruder off

Romeo came to investigate  what was happening and the young male obligedly left to avoid confrontation with dad, who may thing he is the trouble maker; but Joy and the young cubs had no problem


Mara Fan said...

hi paul,
thanks for your post and the wonderful pictures.
have good days in the mara. this time I go for six days to tanzania to safari .....

Paul Kirui said...

I hope you noticed the story refers to June this year, not the latest info.

bernie bee said...
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bernie bee said...

Hi Paul thank you thank you for the lovely photos and story on Joy The Star Mother of The Musiara Marsh!!!! It always amazes me how they all live so close to danger and look so relaxed, to think she has now 5little ones to care for. How old do they have to be before the new males accept them? They are quite big now.
I love reading anything about Masai Mara so keep on posting your lovely photos and blogs. Thanks Bernie

bernie bee said...

Hi Paul.
We haven't heard from you reporting on the happenings in The Mara updates. Do I have to worry about that?
I love the story of Joy although she is a bit of a loner she has the sons to help her. She seems a very good mother take on another little one as well. At what age about will the cubs be safe from the males in the area. Am I right in thinking that ...if Joy mates with them there is no need to kill them as there blood line will be there. Is that the way it works ( why kill the cubs if she excepts the males, or could it be Joy, that won't let them near her when she has cubs)
Regards Bernie Bee

bernie bee said...

Hi Paul logged on to your Blog this morning and still no up-dates from you!!!
It is a beautiful Autumn day here in UK, you are 3hours ahead so it will be midday with you.
Have you seen anything of The Old Boys recently? I believe that Joy has taken her family up to Topi Plains.
The four Musketeers ...are they still in the Musiara Marsh area, with White Eye and Bibi etc ???
Please can you tell us anymore happening. Thank you.
Regards Bernie Bee

bernie bee said...

Hello Paul.
How are you...... your information and Blog has gone very quiet, please tell us what is happening on The Savannah in Masai Mara. Can you say where the "new boys" are and has White Eye Etc excepted them yet. Do you know where the "old boys" have gone? We are all waiting for your lovely photos and information on everything ...Asante
Regards Bernie.

Shirley said...

Hi Paul,
My name is Shirley. I always read your blog, because I love those big cats. I haven't heard nothing from you since 20 october. Are Joy and the cubs ok. I really am worried about the cubs. And how is clawed doing now.
Thank you for the updating. I realy love your blog.