Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A great morning with the leopards

Today my “ office” did not dissapoint. I set out early as i have been doing to look for zawadi the leopard since i did not see her or the other leopared by the Mara river yesterday. Today i got to the leopard gorge at 7.00am sharp. I was only focused on the leopard. I even had to painfully ignore a perfect sunrise with a lone Boscia tree and a giraffe(the typical African horizon photo)
I arrived at the same time as my friends Jonathan Scott and Angie. We have all been attracted to this spot by Zawadi. When with Jonatahn, we keep talking about the good old days, when the leopard gorge was the place to be if you wanted to see a leopard.  This morning we spent about two hours with her, as she posed on the rocks, walk around and play with the cub. i may not have taken any good shot, but i enjoyed more just sitting to watch. When she left the cub, we thought she had gone to hunt so we did not want to disrupt and so we left the gorge, to go and look for other animals, then ended up at the camp for lunch.
When i went out again later, i wanted to look for Olive, the leopard to show my guest. I found lions, girrafes etc, and just whne i was going back to camp, i found Olive and bahati. What a day!. The two leopards entertained us fro sometimes playing around before wandering around. At some point bahati jumped on some guinea fowls, missing one by a whisker. I went back to camp very happy. Surely my “office” can never dissapoint.
On the lookout from a tree

spending time with cub

The cub learning jumping techniques

Zawadi takes time to play with her cub


Donna Wiedrich said...

Oh Paul I love your office! You are so lucky to do what you do. I will be there later this year for the first time to finally see your office for myself! Keep up the good work and keep the wonderful pictures coming!

Christine Lamberth said...

I think I should change my office too. Great shots. If we keep spreading the word then we can keep these animals in their own special places.

Shirley said...

Dear Paul,
thank you very much for the beautiful pictures of Zawadi and cud. Mother and child. It melts me and I am very glad that you are keeping us informed. A beuatiful cub Zawadi has. Yes I realy mis the BCD/W.

bernie bee said...

Thanks Paul again I've had my usual "big cat rush" this morning. I love the way the cub has wrapped it's tail under mums leg.... bless. Have you a name yet and do you know what sex the cub is ? Keep pics coming please. Thank you

bernie bee said...

Hi Paul. We have not heard from you for a few weeks are you still in The Mara? You have given us some lovely photos these past few weeks and I thank you for that. Just 3 weeks to when we are in The Maranow. Can you say where will we look to try and find.. Olive and Bahiti can you guide us please. Thank you.

Silverbird Travel said...

Hey Paul,

Glad you came to the Masai Mara and had these amazing photos to share, you clearly enjoyed yourself.