Friday, August 3, 2012

Migration update 2012- 3

The migration of wildebeests in the Mara has progressed much more faster than we thought. Most of the migrating herds are now on the Talek river. There were heavy crossings in many place on the river today. There is not much water in the river, so these crossing were just a walk across, lacking the usual drama witnessed on the main Mara river. Over the next couple of days we expect the crossing to continue on the Talek until the herds currently on Burrungat plains crosses north.
Generally the wildebeests this year are taking an anti clockwise pattern. They ar enow crossing the Talek North, then crossing the Mara river west from where they are expected to head south inot northern Serengeti. However, as witnessed sometimes back, when they follow this pattern, they will come back into the Mara again towards the end of September. 
 The migrating wildebeests rushes down the Talek to cross

Wildebeests drinking on the Talek river before crossing

 A map of the Mara showing location of the migration


Gowri Saligram said...

That is very interesting. I feel so wistful; I was in the Mara staying on the banks of the Talek river in June, imagining wildebeest crossing the river. In roughly a month, it's actually happening. How I wish I could witness this right now.

Thank you for sharing the updates. Will be tuned in.

Lucille Conlon said...

This is so interesting and helpful reading. Our daughter is in the area now with Free the Children and we cannot wait for her to return so that we can hear about her experiences. Thank you so much for sharing.

Susann said...

Dear Paul, me and my mum will be in tansania and kenya for a safari. do you already know where the migration could be in the first week of september? we aren't sure which iternaty to take? Thank you so much! Susann

Paul Kirui said...

Hi Susanne,
The migration is currently in Masai Mara. River crossing have been going on for the last week. However, we have started receiving rain, and this might change the movement pattern. But I will update regularly

strikingstar said...

Hey Paul,

I was just at the Mara this Sunday (5th Aug) and we didn't get to see any wildebeest crossing the Mara river. Do you have a good sense of when they'll start crossing the Mara river again ? I live in Busia and it's a good 9hr slog to get to the Mara.

Asante sana.
Tumekushukuru sana.

Imran Majid said...

Hi Paul.
i am visiting Masai Mara on the 7th of sept. good time to visit? will i be able to catch some of the action?

Anonymous said...

hi paul my wife and i will be at govenors camp in the mara first of sept what are our possible chances of seeing the migration