Friday, August 24, 2012

Migration update 4

The wildebeests migration has peaked in the Mara over the past one week. hundreds of animals have been crossing the Mara river at Cul de sac and paradise crossing points. The stampede and trampling at cul de sac has got so many of them dying and drowning as they struggle to go a step bank. The crocodiles here too have been very active, though lately seems to be overwhelmed by the prey.

Many animals are now on the Mara triangle’s Olpunyata plains. The lower side of the triangle was burnt recently to create new growth of grass, so most of the crossing animals are still on central Mara triangle and likely to head north. There are still a lot of animals on the eastern side of the river as far as in the neighbouring conservancies, OOC, Naboisho, Mara north etc. The crossing are expected to continue into September.

The Mara predators are now in their season of plenty, with many hunts witnessed even in mid day.

 The wildebeest crosses the river at Cul de sac

 Zebras rushes down to the river to join the wildebeests in crossing the river

 Survival for the fittest

 Map of the Masai Mara showing concentration and crossing points

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