Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wildebeests Migration progress in Masai Mara

The movement of the migrating wildebeests in the Mara progressed fast over the past few days. It took the wildebeests only took 2 days from the central plains to get to the Mara river and are now across on the Mara triangle. There have been a lot of animals crossing over the last few days
The herds which had gathered south of the Talek on Burrungat plains have been crossing north of the river, and have proceeded all the way upto Double Crossing area and some of the herds are already heading to Topi plains. The crossings were quite slow but dramatic to see the wildebeests crossing the almost dry river in such a rush creating a cloud of dust in the process. The Olkiombo and Rekero prides of lions have suddenly waken up to a feast. They have been making kills almost daily at the river crossing on the Talek, when the animals come to cross.
The rest of the herds that proceeded towards the lower side of the Talek have been crossing near Rekero camp. I reckon these will head towards paradise crossing and then over to the triangle.

Down at Look out hill there were heavy crossings two days ago, which continued yesterday. Many animals are crossing over to the triangle. The crossings however have been somehow easy for the animals in many places as the water is lower. There have been a lot of crocodiles attach in the river.  There is still plenty of grass on the Mara plains. We expect a bit of rain this month and that will bring out even more grass.



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